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10-week Summer 2007 (N407)
"嗨….大家好! 我敝姓陳,名-方正.你可以叫我阿正!. LEO是我的英文名字. 我來自台灣,我住在台灣東部花蓮,我現在在夏威夷語言中心學習英文,夏威夷是一個很漂亮的一個島嶼也是一個很適合學習英文的好地方.希望我可以幫助你一些你想要知道或了解有關夏威夷或語言學校的事情. Hello everybody My name is Fang-Cheng Chen. You can call me 阿正 or my English name LEO. I come from Taiwan. I live in Eastern Taiwan in Hualien. I am studying English at the University of Hawaii N.I.C.E. program right now. Hawaii is a beautiful island, and it is also a good place to study English. I hope I can help you to know something about Hawaii and this langrage program. "

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